Onå is a stress-free skincare line inspired by centuries-old Eastern European skincare rituals combined with the latest innovations in clean ingredients and stylish, sustainable design. Its origins begin in northern parts, where exposure to extreme sun, wind and cold makes the local flora uniquely rich in antioxidants, adaptogens and vitamins for survival. Naturopathic remedies, mixed by hand and passed down through generations of women, tap into these healing, hardy plants. Onå puts a new spin on these long-ago traditions with global formulas equipped to handle today’s environmental stressors.


The collection blends ingredients native to Eastern Europe and North East Asia with a new wave of non-toxic actives and science-driven textures from Korea. The result is a highly effective, vegan, cruelty-free range that spans multiple continents and delivers instant and long-term benefits. Onå features six products to combat pollution and UV damage and strengthen skin from within: the Hydrating Cream, Firming Serum, Brightening Eye Cream, Illuminating Eye Gels, Radiant Glow Mask and Intense Hydration Mask.


Unique to the range is Onå’s proprietary ABC Complex, a powerful blend of herbs and plants that work synergistically to lift, hydrate and revitalize skin. This concentrated “brew” is infused with birch tree juice extract—a natural sap or juice that’s brimming with vitamin B6 and B12 to firm, tone and replenish skin. In Eastern Europe culture, birch tree juice has a long history of being consumed as a rejuvenating tonic for overall health and also imparts lasting beauty benefits. This complex is rounded out with açai berry, aloe vera, camellia oil and centella asiatica to further nourish, firm and plump skin.


Other hero ingredients in the collection include chamomile flowers—revered in Eastern Europe for their anti-inflammatory properties—and magnolia berry, a plant native to Siberia that’s abundant in adaptogens and nutrients to repair sensitive, reactive skin. The berry gained cult status in the 1960s, when a large number of European scientists conducted pharmacological and clinical studies to uncover its therapeutic effects. Today, the berry is listed in the country’s national pharmacopoeia of medicine.


In a nod to its heritage, Onå—which means “she” in Slavic languages—is an inclusive line designed for all women, with diverse skin types and tones. Thoughtfully curated to preserve natural resources, the products emphasize minimal packaging and recyclable glass jars and plastic tubes. Onå is made without sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, artificial coloring, dimethicone, mineral oil, or phthalates.  



Olga Kovaleva has spent much of her life traveling. Her father is a pilot for Ural Airlines, and Kovaleva worked as a flight attendant in college. During this time—when she logged many hours in recycled-air cabins, passing through multiple time zones and regions— she realized the toll travel takes on skin, and started paying closer attention to her skincare routine. In 2004, Kovaleva moved to New York, working first for Incoco, a professional nail-care line, before landing at Henri Bendel, managing the skincare department for the iconic department store for nearly four years. In 2015, she went to Bond No. 9 to head up e-commerce and marketing for the luxury perfume house, eventually translating her beauty and skincare knowledge into co-founding Onå.


Oksana Sannikova, a redhead with sensitive skin, she burned easily and spent much of her childhood experimenting with her mother’s natural concoctions, such as milk-based masks and chamomile-infused baths. In 2003, she moved to New York to study linguistics at New York University—she speaks four languages today—and worked in luxury travel for the majority of her career. Over the past decade, Sannikova has refined her approach to maintaining a healthy complexion. Her skincare regimen was tested and perfected as she roamed the world—hot air ballooning in Myanmar, shark diving in Polynesia, exploring the back streets of Havana and braving the harsh winters of Siberia. It’s this expertise that she now draws on as the co-founder of Onå.