It is easy to become overwhelmed by daily to-do lists and forget about self-care when life becomes chaotic. As busy women living in New York City, we have experienced our fair share of hectic days. This motivated us to develop a simple yet powerful skincare line that you can easily fit into your busy schedule. 

For inspiration, we turned back to our Eastern European roots and included unique natural ingredients known for centuries for their healing properties. Cornflower, arnica, cucumber, chamomile and mulberry root- these ingredients possess potent antioxidant and adaptogenic properties and have been proven effective in handling today’s environmental stressors and promoting overall well-being. Ona’s products are also infused with non-toxic actives to further nourish, firm and plump skin. 

The result is a convenient clean skincare line that soothes and protects skin from the effects of stress, environmental pollutants, travel, and other aggressors. Ona features six products that work together to strengthen your skin from within: Hydrating Cream, Firming Serum, Brightening Eye Cream, Illuminating Eye Gels, Radiant Glow Mask, and Intense Hydration Mask.

One of the unique features of our line is our proprietary ABC Complex consisting of aloe vera, acai berry, birch tree juice, centella asiatica and camellia oil. This powerful blend of herbs and plants works synergistically to lift, hydrate, and revitalize skin, providing lasting hydration, protecting from environmental damage, and reducing signs of aging by stimulating collagen growth.

In a nod to our heritage, Ona-which means “she” in Slavic languages- is an inclusive line designed for all women, with diverse skin types and tones. Thoughtfully curated to preserve natural resources, the products emphasize minimal packaging, soy-ink printing and recyclable glass jars and plastic tubes. Ona is made without sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, artificial coloring, dimethicone, mineral oil, or phthalates. We are also proud to be PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free.

About us

Oksana is a clinical psychology doctoral student specializing in the field of female mental health. She is working to help women who are struggling with negative body image or depression. To help women feel better about themselves, she was motivated to create a clean, effective and convenient skincare line. Oksana is an avid traveler to far-flung places and has tested and perfected her skincare regimen as she roamed the world- whether it’s hot air ballooning in Myanmar, shark diving in Polynesia or exploring the back streets of Havana. She translated her concern for women’s well-being and her wealth of real-world-tested beauty secrets into the founding of Ona and the development of a premium line of skincare products.


Nataliya is a successful entrepreneur and owner of Aesthetika, one of the most popular beauty salons in New York City. She is also an educator who continually hones her beauty craft, attending and presenting at conferences and staying close to the latest developments in aesthetics. Educated as a doctor in Europe, she focuses not only on the beauty of the skin but also on its health. Nataliya travels the world seeking knowledge about holistic rituals of different cultures with the goal of blending ancient knowledge and modern medical insights into Ona’s holistic skincare regimen. It is these areas of expertise that she now weaves into her efforts to provide only the best skincare products, making sure that they are safe and effective.